Monday, July 13, 2009

Ask the VRT a question

We are extending the opportunity for you, the reader, to ask us questions. We will select the best question(s) each week and publish them, along with the answers we give, here.

"What kind of questions can I ask?"

Well, thanks for asking, you can ask us anything. It can be Snort related, Snort rule related, vulnerability related, exploit related, you can seek advice on dating or what to do with your annoying co-worker should you desire. We are open to all kinds of queries. When we don't have an opinion, we'll get one.

"Ok, so how do I ask a question?"

To ask your question, send us an email to research at sourcefire dot com with "Ask the VRT" as the subject, alternatively ask your question as a comment to this blog post.

"When will I get my answer?"

That depends. If we select your question, we will most likely publish the answer on the following Friday (or thereabouts), we might need some time to formulate an answer, then again, we might not.

"What if I don't like the answer?"

You don't have to like it, but at least you got one, right?

"Can I really ask anything at all?"

Yes. Really.


  1. My first question is "Is there a place where us users can document
    things like which binary distros work with which OS
    variants?" (thinking particularly of al the redhat variants - a wiki
    would be nice :)

  2. Russell, that's a pretty good idea, you can always start a new thread on the Snort forums at


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