Tuesday, May 30, 2017

BWT EP5 - It Has Been 0-days Since This Term was Abused

Beers with Talos Episode 5 "It Has Been 0-days Since This Term was Abused" is now available

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Episode Notes:

The crew talks about the potential of Samba echoing WannaCry and blocking SMB ports (but you already did that, RIGHT?). We discuss some history lessons and give proper usage guidance on words like 0-days, backdoors, and other terms that the industry loves to hype and abuse for extra clicks.
What we learn in the Roundtable this week: Joel struggles to resolve the conflicts inherent in his design choices, Nigel’s daughter steals high-end electronics, Matt gaslights first responders in a major American city, Craig learns the JRE sandbox is a silver bullet, and Mitch issues a passive aggressive non-apology for just trying to make you happy.

Feedback question:

What is stuck in Joel’s head? Tweet us @TalosSecurity, use #BWT (also, what does #BWT mean?)

Topic table:

11:45 - Samba and why linux worms are hard. Really hard. And seriously, block 445. 
22:56 - When being a victim of a cyberattack is kiiinda your fault
25:45 - Sometimes patching is impossible
27:20 - Words mean things - Backdoors, 0-Days, and such
38:55 - Checkboxes will not save your butt when you must adjust fire.

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