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November 17, 2022 08:11

Get a Loda This: LodaRAT meets new friends

* LodaRAT samples were deployed alongside other malware families, including RedLine and Neshta. * Cisco Talos identified several variants and altered versions of LodaRAT with updated functionality have been seen in the wild. * Changes in these LodaRAT variants include new f

August 17, 2021 08:08

Neurevt trojan takes aim at Mexican users

By Chetan Raghuprasad, with contributions from Vanja Svajcer. News summary * Cisco Talos discovered a new version of the Neurevt trojan with spyware and backdoor capabilities in June 2021 using Cisco Secure Endpoint product telemetry. * This version of Neurevt appears to tar

July 1, 2020 11:07

Threat Spotlight: Valak Slithers Its Way Into Manufacturing and Transportation Networks

By Nick Biasini, Edmund Brumaghin and Mariano Graziano. Threat summary * Attackers are actively distributing the Valak malware family around the globe, with enterprises, in particular, being targeted. * These campaigns make use of existing email threads from compromised acco