Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cisco Talos' new reputation dispute system

We know users have been waiting for this feature for a while, and we are here to say: It’s ready.  Cisco Talos’ new reputation system rolled out Jan. 14 on We have been working on this change since the rollout was initially announced this past summer.

Starting today, all users who wish to file a reputation dispute with us will need to log in with a free Cisco Connection Online ID (CCID) and head to the Talos Reputation Center. There, users can look up the reputation of any IP or domain to see all current information Talos has on that entry. Sites that customers feel are miscategorized can also be disputed on this page. This page also contains information about who the highest volume senders are and sort that data by network owner and country.

Additionally, users who believe their site has been inappropriately blocklisted can file a dispute, which will flow through the appropriate channels to address their concerns.

The new system closely links the dispute ticketing system and our analysts to create greater interactivity between analysts and customers. Users simply log into with their CCID to see the resolution of any dispute they’ve ever filed through this new system.

Our new reputation dispute system merges several sites, including, and We hope this new setup provides an easier, streamlined process for our customers and users to file and track disputes with us.  Check out the new Reputation and Categorization Support page now!

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