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November 17, 2022 14:11

Threat Source newsletter (Nov. 17, 2022): Hot off the press! The Snort 2023 Calendar is here

The Snort 2023 calendar is finally here, and y’all, it’s a good one. Packed full of classic memes and punny Snorties, the calendar is sure to delight all year long.

November 10, 2022 16:11

Threat Source newsletter (Nov. 10, 2022): Vulnerability research, movies in class, and Emotet once again

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Threat Source newsletter. Tuesday was an absolute hammer for the infosec community. Not only did we have the US elections but we had Emotet returning and a regular Microsoft Tuesday release. That release always leads me to think about the bu

November 3, 2022 16:11

Threat Source newsletter (Nov. 3, 2022): Mastodon, evolution, and LiveJournal oh my!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Threat Source newsletter. I’m fascinated by how things live and die on the internet. Things that are ubiquitous to our daily lives are simply gone the next. LiveJournal and Myspace we hardly knew you. Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and the

October 27, 2022 14:10

Threat Source newsletter (Oct. 27, 2022): I thought we were already aware of supply chain attacks?

Supply chain attacks were all the rage in 2020 after SolarWinds, but we seem to have forgotten how important they are.

October 20, 2022 14:10

Threat Source newsletter (Oct. 20, 2022) — Shields Up! No seriously, Shields Waaaaay Up

State-sponsored actors have been busy over the past month, including the Killnet group, which recently targeted several U.S. local elections offices and major airports.

October 6, 2022 14:10

Threat Source newsletter (Oct. 6, 2022) — Continuing down the Privacy Policy rabbit hole

Any time we welcome this software and hardware into our homes and on our devices, it’s worth considering what sacrifices we might be making elsewhere.

September 29, 2022 14:09

Threat Source newsletter (Sept. 29, 2022) — Personal health apps are currently under a spotlight, but their warning signs have always been there

A report from the Washington Post also released last week found that this app, as well as popular health sites like WebMD, “gave advertisers the information they’d need to market to people, or groups of consumers based on their health concerns.”

September 22, 2022 14:09

Threat Source newsletter (Sept. 22, 2022) — Attackers are already using student loan relief for scams

The Better Business Bureau and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission both released warnings over the past few weeks around fake offers, scams and website links related to the debt forgiveness plan, with which some borrowers will have up to $20,000 worth of loans forgiven.

September 15, 2022 14:09

Threat Source newsletter (Sept. 15, 2022) — Teachers have to be IT admins now, too

Public schools in the United States already rely on our teachers for so much — they have to be educators, occasional parental figures, nurses, safety officers, law enforcement and much more.