Friday, May 8, 2009

Snort and Neural Networks

Jacson Rodrigues Correia da Silva just finished his Bachelors degree in computer science. As part of his final project, he came up with an implementation that allows you to use Snort with JavaNNS. (see This means, you could use Snort in an artificial neural network. Pretty cool no?

You can find his work here: (it's in Portuguese, but you can figure it out right?)

Jacson is now working on his Masters degree, hopefully he'll have more cool stuff to show off when he's done with that too.


  1. Hi,
    Telling more about the project.
    I got the JavaNNS simulator to people develop the ANN and use in Snort, then I modified snort and snns2c to do Snort works with the ANN developed.
    There were another things I did:
    - I tried to put the ANN to learn how the Computer Network is in normal traffic, after this, the difference found is considered a attack; and
    - I did focus in Ellman Networks, and did the translation from SNNS to C only for this kind of Artificial Networks.
    Unfortunately, I began the Master degree and I could not finish this work. By I am still studing about ANN in IDS systems.

    My paper is at: [] (language: Portuguese-Brazil).
    It was at the begining of 2008, the the source code is out of date, but it helps. I did the code fast too, and couldn't do so pretty, sorry by this.. =/

    Get the code at: []
    I tried put him adapted for Linux, Windows and Mac, but I only tested in Linux.
    Get the program that translate the JavaNNS file to C: []
    Download JavaNNS, build you ANN and try at Snort.
    In [], at topic 8.2, you can see how to use. If you want, I can translate to you.

    Anything, send me email:


  2. Just a correction, the document is written in brazilian portuguese. :-)

    Alejandro Flores

  3. Alejandro, sorry, my bad. Didn't recognize it at all.

  4. Wow! Awesome. I have wanted to do this for some time and have never had the time. I was working on my master's in Intelligent Systems Design and Computational Modeling (big emphasis on ANNs) when I had this idea. Spent more time in natural language processing though. No time now! Full time job as a Sr. Software Engineer, wife and two kids!

    Go get em!


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