Cisco Talos is preparing to release the first in a series of changes to our Web Categorization system, which is designed to simplify the verbiage we use. 

In mid-June, we're adding a new “Generative AI” category that will apply to certain websites. The “Content Category” appears whenever a user searches for a domain on the Reputation Center.  

Generative AI applies to any site “whose primary purpose is to use artificial intelligence models to generate output in the form of text, audio, video or images based on user-supplied prompts.” This does not include “technologies which tangentially use generative AI as part of their service.” 

We are also renaming “DOT & DOH” to “Encrypted DNS” to better reflect what this category includes.  

Prior to these updates, we recommend revisiting your acceptable use and security policies to see if these changes may affect your current operations. 

As we evolve to better understand data, threats, and user behavior, we will continue to improve our intelligence, providing you the ability to make more informed decisions to keep your network safe without becoming prohibitive to your users. Please stay tuned for additional planned changes to our Content Categories in the coming weeks and months. 

For detailed information on the current Content and Threat Categories, please visit the Intelligence and Threat Categories page. 

The Generative AI category will be available in a future release of Meraki, Secure Access and Umbrella.