Some of you tore through awbo3 pretty quickly, but I wanted to give others time to catch up before posting this one. We're going to start getting into some issues you'll see in live software when working on exploits. This one in particular might remind you of a certain back orifice parsing vulnerability you may be familiar with.

It was asserted that this one couldn't be done in XPSP2, only in Win2k, but it really depends on how cl orders the stack before tossing the cookie in. Later, you'll get a chance to work on this with a mocked up stack cookie (awbo6) so keep that in mind here. For now though, lets stick to Win2k. The same rules apply here: no NOP sleds, no static stack return addresses.

For those who are just joining us, shellcode is here, and the windbg cheatsheet is here.

Hang on folks, we're venturing into rough waters. AWBO4

"Most deadly errors arise from obsolete assumptions"