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December 14, 2022 12:12

Ukraine Topic Summary Report: Cisco Talos Year in Review 2022

Talos’ support for Ukraine has lead us to launch a task force to monitor critical infrastructure - identifying threats, remediating attacks, and gathering information. Discover the top adversaries, threats, and behavior trends Talos has observed this past year in Ukraine.

December 14, 2022 08:12

Beers with Talos Ep. 129: Talos Year in Review 2022 w/ Dave Liebenberg

We discuss the premiere Talos Year in Review report - a look back at the major threats, trends, and topics from 2022 and what we should take forward into 2023. Dave Liebenberg joins us to discuss *why* his team undertook this effort, and some of the finer points of the report findings.

December 14, 2022 08:12

Talos Year in Review 2022

We expect this data-driven story will shed some insight into Cisco’s and the security community’s most notable successes and remaining challenges. As these Year in Review reports continue in the future, we aim to help explain how the threat landscape changes from one year to the next.

December 8, 2022 11:12

2022 Year in Review Livestream

Did you miss our livestream focused on the Ukraine topics presented in the Cisco Talos Year in Review report? Join host Hazel Burton and special guests Kendall McKay, Nick Randolph, and Vanja Svajcer as they discuss Talos' now-years-long critical infrastructure effort in Ukraine.