Cisco Talos Incident Response is proud to announce that Forrester has recognized us by including Cisco in the new Forrester report “Now Tech: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services, Q4 2021.”

The Forrester report provides an overview of 36 Cybersecurity Incident Response Services (CIRS) providers that offer critical incident response and digital forensic expertise during cybersecurity breaches based upon size, capabilities, industry vertical and geography. We are especially pleased to be recognized in this Forrester report as this news comes on the heels of us being named an industry leader in incident readiness as part of an IDC MarketScape report. At Cisco, we’re on a mission to help customers to securely connect, protect, and respond to threats affecting their hybrid workforce in a digital, cloud-first world. Incidents can occur at any time and organizations must be able to directly tap trusted, third-party IR expertise with established SLOs to augment the organization’s IR capabilities. That way, you can ensure business continuity and minimum financial costs during an incident.

A Cisco Talos Incident Response Retainer helps organizations manage this threat landscape continuum. Organizations have a choice when it comes to selecting a trusted incident response provider. We are proud that our customers select us for our threat intelligence capability, rapid response and robust capabilities we provide to our customers and the market with our flexible incident response retainer portfolio.

Learn more about the Forrester report, “Now Tech: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services, Q4 2021” here.

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