Our goal at Cisco Talos is to provide detailed and actionable information in order to let customers decide how best to protect their networks and users based on their needs.

To this end, Cisco Talos is adding a new content category to Talos Intelligence. Starting on April 3, supported Cisco platforms using Talos Intelligence will receive a new "Not Actionable" category. This category applies to sites that Cisco Talos has analyzed, but due to the nature of the site, a more specific category cannot be applied.

Some customers require more restrictive policies to be enforced on their networks but have found that blocking uncategorized URLs too prohibitive for their users. The Not Actionable category includes sites that previously would be blocked if the customer restricted access to uncategorized sites. Sites labeled “Not Actionable” may not load any content or remain unresponsive when directly loaded into a browser, the domains may not currently be reachable, or they are primarily composed of dynamically generated media that does not fit into a more specific category. Cisco Talos does not recommend that customers write blocking policies based solely on the Not Actionable category designation but should use it in conjunction with web reputation intelligence.

Additional details may be found on the Talos Intelligence Categories page.