It has been more than two years already since Cisco Incident Response became a part of the Talos family. Since then, my team has continued a journey to simplify our offering for consumption and make incident response the ultimate team sport.

That is why I could not be more humbled to announce that Cisco Talos Incident Response is being recognized as a leader by IDC in the 2021 MarketScape for Worldwide Incident Readiness Services (doc #US46741420, November 2021). Our world-class global incident response team continues to stand next to our customers to help them build resiliency into their processes, procedures, and people. Our customers understand the journey we are on together and turn to Cisco to securely connect, protect, and respond to threats impacting their hybrid workforce. Organizations have a choice when it comes to selecting an incident response provider. We are proud to be recognized for our hard work, and appreciate that Cisco’s customers trust us when it comes to preparing for and responding to incidents. In particular, the IDC report noted that “Organizations that seek to have a strong threat intelligence capability and a flexible incident retainer portfolio of services should consider Cisco.”

Our customers and IDC noted in the report that our incident response services stand apart for the following reasons:

  • Transparency and per engagement work hours required by Cisco and the customer: Transparency and understanding our customer’s desired business outcomes are key for every incident readiness and response engagement. Our customers trust us to guide them on their incident response evolution, and we work collaboratively to achieve the security objectives that our clients need through our broad portfolio of services. With a named Cisco Talos incident response team and multiple communication avenues, including WebEx Teams and monthly reports, our customers are always aware of their service usage and the latest threat trends.
  • Integration of Cisco’s incident readiness and response capabilities into the Cisco Talos portfolio: No surprise that intelligence-driven incident response is the key to incident readiness. After our launch and global integration as a team in 2020, the way our customers consumed our readiness services changed with the pandemic into a fully digital and cloud-delivered mode, including our Cyber Range services. Our customers enjoy this service as we train them in all facets of response based on the latest threat intelligence. IDC noted, “Cyber-range training helps build skills needed to defend against advanced cyber-threats. A standard three-day program created by incident response professionals follows a crawl-walk-run methodology that begins with student instruction on the first day. Students’ progress by the last day to a full cyber-range environment.”
  • Rapid Incident Response: CTIR customers enjoy one of the fastest Service Level Objectives in the market, including response within the hour and travel within 24hrs of notification. One of our customers noted to IDC, “the speed of response to a ransomware incident on a weekend after multi-national Cisco professionals arrived onsite within 24 hours.” Our rapid response and deployment of a global incident response team helped this customer recover from a ransomware attack and preserve critical, volatile forensic evidence that would have otherwise been destroyed as the customer worked with a regulator and cyber insurance post-incident.

If your organization is looking for an Incident Response partner, consider downloading the full IDC MarketScape report to learn more. If you have an immediate need, contact us to speak with an expert.