A couple of weeks ago I attended Hack In Paris (France, not Texas). It was a nice break from the crazy temperatures and humidity we had been experiencing in Washington, DC and I'm sure that all the attendees appreciated the fact that the conference took place on the grounds of Disneyland Paris. Given the excellent speakers at the conference, who covered various topics from smartphone security to Win32 exploit development, I enjoyed much more than nice weather and a great venue. This well-organized conference could easily become one of the premier European IT security conferences.

I was happy to be selected to give a talk entitled "A Close Look at Rogue Antivirus Programs". You will find the PDF of the slides here.

Please take a look. Any questions, comments, suggestions are welcome, either here, on twitter (@number007) or directly to me via email: azidouemba at sourcefire dot com.

By the way, as if on cue, ChronoPay's co-founder Pavel Vrublevsky was arrested and held without bail on June 23, 2011 for allegedly hiring hackers to attack his company's rival. This arrest comes just 24h after authorities in the US and in seven other countries seized servers belonging to a hacking group behind a rogue AV campaign that netted them over $72 million.