Want to impress your friends, colleagues, girls, boys, employer, future employer? Want to become more attractive to the opposite sex? Want to make your past employer and/or ex-(girlfriend|boyfriend|spouse) jealous? Then you need to get dangerous and become awesome.

We're running a fundamentals of exploit development class here in Columbia, MD in June. Three days, 23rd to the 25th to be exact. It will take you from knowing absolutely nothing to writing your own exploits in a very short time. For more details and to sign up, check out these corporate links:



We've run the class before and it's been extremely well received and very successful, so if you want to get in on the exploit development action, sign up and we'll see you there. One more thing, this is a Sourcefire VRT run class, so you'll be getting the information straight from the horses mouth (so to speak), no fluff, no cheese, straight up exploit knowledge. (We might even drop some 0day, we did last time)