Over here at the VRT, we've thoroughly enjoyed sinking our teeth into the awbo exercises. Hopefully, readers who've had the chance to work through these are eagerly anticipating those to come.

On the other hand, there may still be some of you who are interested in giving these a shot, but either haven't ever worked with exploitation before or aren't sure how to set up their environment. For those who need a little extra nudge to get started, I've prepared a simple walk through outlining my personal preferred way of approaching these exercises.

If you've already completed any of the awbos, this guide will likely ring a tad redundant. If you haven't, but have a fairly good understanding of how the stack works, then read on. Given that spoiling any of the exercises would defeat the purpose of publishing them, I've written a short short, exploitable C program we'll be using as an example. The anatomy of the stack is a topic reserved for a later post.

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