We have a Foozball table here at SF World Domination HQ. It sees a lot of action from various people in the company during lunchtimes. Unfortunately, it is located close to the VRT lair. So close in fact, that we are able to run wire to a speaker strategically placed in the ceiling above the table. Once the speaker had been placed into position and the wires run back to the lair, the other ends of the wire were attached to a pair of desktop speakers connected to a laptop containing mp3s of some of the most hideous music known to man.

All we had to do was wait for the first set of victims. Sure enough, right on time, luncheon arrived and so did the unsuspecting groovers. A dose of Abba's "Dancing Queen" was enough to send them scurrying out and back to their part of the building.

The results so far: VRT 3 - IT Staff 1.

UPDATE: VRT 1 - Martin Roesch, Sourcefire CTO 0

The next victims can expect to be "Rick-Rolled", yes, we are that evil. (we will get some pictures of the debacle soon, hopefully we can catch some folks dancing too)