As many of you know the Snort project recently reached its 10th Anniversary. In honor of this milestone we’re giving Snort a new website to call home. This site update is much more than just a new look and feel. We’re rebuilding the site from the ground up to better serve the needs of the Snort Community. Once the site is complete, some of the improvements you’ll see are:

  • Simplified navigation including a new persistent links panel at the bottom of every page allowing you to get the content you need from anywhere on the site
  • Improved user account management allowing you to edit all of your profile information including your email address
  • New Forums application with the ability to rate posts
  • Improved management of VRT Subscriptions including the ability to generate multiple Oinkcodes

The new site is still in development but we’ve reached a point where we’d like to ask you, the community for feedback. We’ve released a beta site at: that we’d like you to review and provide feedback on. We’d primarily like your feedback on the new look and feel, updated navigation and content on the site. We’d also like you to submit enhancement requests for new features and content you’d like to see on

We’d particularly like to get specific feedback on additional content that you as a Snort user, rule writer or someone who is developing related projects would like to see on the site that would help you in your day to day life with Snort.

This is a live project and we’ll continue to add functionality and content based on your feedback. In this beta release some of the site functionality has been disabled. At this time you will not be able to register an account, log in, post to the forums, generate Oinkcodes, or buy a VRT subscription, but all other site features are open for your review. We’ll migrate all user account and subscription information prior to the site going live.

All feedback should be submitted via a very short survey at:

Thanks for you help and feedback on this project.