It was a quiet day at Sourcefire World Domination Headquarters and somebody wasn't keeping a close eye on the stock of squishy pigs that we give out at trade shows. The VRT had just finished some intensive work and it was a fine Friday afternoon in September. We had some model rocket motors laying around and we got to thinking, "What can we do with these pigs we just acquired and those rocket motors?".

First, we took a small rocket motor and attached it to the rear end of a pig, cut up a water bottle to use as a launching pad, took it out to the parking lot and fired it up. It went reasonably well. Then we took a larger rocket motor, cut up another water bottle to make a larger launch pad and let that go. Finally, we dissected a rocket motor, took the fuel out and hollowed out another pig. We filled the cavity with the fuel and set that off.

Here are the results:

We weren't completely satisfied with the height we got with the rocket motor powered pigs, so we built a launch pad, made a better rocket, added fins and placed the pig on top. If you want to see the results, hit us up on twitter and if we get enough requests, we'll post the video.

The exploding pig in slow motion.