There is a special place in my heart for someone who accidentally causes all the Macs in the office to repeatably crash at the Grey Screen of Death. If you too like fun "accidents" or need to craft up some packets check out Judy Novak's SANS class on Scapy. This is an in-depth start to finish class on the Scapy API, and will take you from just knowing about Scapy to building complex packet crafting scripts for all your testing, verification, and hacking needs.

If you ever needed to:
1. Test your Snort rules with real traffic
2. Verify your packet munging devices actually support your special protocol needs
3. Need to build a PoC for that new NAT vulnerability
4. Pen-test the robustness of that new communication channel

Then this class is for you. Next class is in Las Vegas on September 19th.

Check it out here: