The Razorback team has released version 0.5.0. You can find the new version of Razorback here:  We have also updated the virtual machine, which you can get here:
This release adds support for running inspection nuggets on Windows. At this time we have tested on Windows 7, but XP support should be coming in the future. You can download the Windows installers here:   Along with the Windows support we have created a number of new nuggets that use it. Here are all of the nuggets that we currently support on Windows:

  • AVG Nugget - AVG Antivirus scanning that works with the free version of AVG.
  • Avast Nugget - Avast Antivirus scanning that requires non-free Avast Pro.
  • Avira Nugget - Avira Antivirus scanning that will work with the free version of Avast with the command line scanner extension installed.
  • Kaspersky Nugget - Kaspersky Antivirus scanning that requires a licensed Kaspersky install.
  • FileInject - Command line file submission tool.

To install Razorback on Windows you will first need to install the Razorback-API MSI, and then the masterNugget MSI. After this all the other nuggets should install after the dependent AV software has been installed. Along with this we have also added multi-threaded inspection to the inspection API. This allows for a masterNugget to spawn up a configurable number of worker threads for each nugget that is loaded which can significantly improve the throughput of certain nuggets.The dispatcher now has the ability to remove the data files from the file system after inspection has completed. It can be configured to delete blocks in many different ways:

  • Delete only if inspection determines files to be good
  • Delete all data from disk post inspection no matter what the result
  • Do not delete any data post inspection Other nuggets have had bugs fixed, notably PDFFox has had a number of serious issues resolved.  Script nugget has also had some issues fixed such as unregistering scripts if they are removed from disk.