Major ransomware attacks like those against hospital systems and government agencies are always going to make headlines. But some of the most prolific and widespread threats on the landscape today are more about smaller devices and networks — the ones that fit in your pocket.

Attackers are always targeting Android devices given that it’s the most popular mobile operating system in the world. More devices mean more targets and more opportunities for infections.

In Talos’ upcoming webinar “Analyzing Android malware: From triage to reverse-engineering" we will dive deep into the malware currently targeted Android devices and discuss how to dissect these threats and guard against them. Anyone can sign up for the free Webex webinar here.

Vitor Ventura of Talos Outreach will lead the discussion, walking through his methods for researching Android malware and talking about the most prevalent threats. Vitor and other Talos researchers have written about Android-specific malware several times, including the Gustuff banking trojan and LodaRAT, which just recently released a new version specifically for targeting Android devices.

A sneak preview of one of the scripts we’ll use in this webinar. 

In our webinar, we’ll discuss tools available to anyone who wants to look at Android malware and walk through how to unpack malicious payloads. Vitor will also break down the malwares’ command and control (C2) beaconing routines and protocol communication. After this webinar, you’ll be ready to talk to anyone in your organization about Android malware and what you can do to detect and stop it.

Sign up for the webinar today and join us on April 7 at 11 a.m. ET live on Cisco Webex. A recording will also be made available afterward on the Talos YouTube page.