Here's your chance to become part of the Intelligence unit that powers the Vulnerability Research Team. We know all, we see all and we say almost nothing to anyone about anything. Kinda. Alright, not really. We get the data, we manage the data, we mine the data, we give out information and actionable intelligence. In short, we separate the intel from the noise.

You may have seen our previous post regarding our expansion plans. This position is part of that grand scheme. As such, the following 10 things from the previous post still apply. If they appeal to you and describe the qualities you want in your co-workers and your workplace, then the VRT is interested in talking with you. Please submit your resume on Sourcefire's website or send us a message at

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Passion (for the work) - Very few people are trained academically for vulnerability analysis, malware analysis, network engineering, or hacking. It is something that is learned by experience and experimentation. If you have dedicated your free time and lost countless days and nights perfecting some portion of it then you have the passion I'm talking about.

Good people - If you enjoy an environment where everyone around you is better than you at something and is willing to teach you their skill in exchange for your own, then the VRT might be the right place for you.

Goals - Clear definitions of strategic goals to the best of my ability and my managers' abilities. If we can't clearly explain the "why" then we won't ask you to waste your time on it.

Belief - A group of people that share an intrinsic belief that it is possible to accomplish difficult, if not "currently" impossible, goals. More importantly, this belief is present not because of arrogance, but because of our experience proving that we actually can accomplish these goals.

Drive - A personal drive that exceeds the average. If you've worked on a problem for many months, still haven't solved it, but truly believe you will shortly, you are either hard headed or have a lot of drive. Whether you're pushing yourself by hitting your head on a wall, or just plain never giving up, you will most likely create a positive outcome.

Latitude - If you hate rules but understand personal responsibility, this might be the environment for you. You'll get just enough rope to hang yourself, as long as you take responsibility for your own demise.

Trust - An environment were you can trust the people you work with to actually do what they say, do it to the best of their ability, and trust you to do the same.

Responsibility - For your actions and your words. If you broke it, you fix it. If you said you would do it, do it.

Risk - An environment where you are allowed to take risks in the pursuit of goals. Risk is the potential to fail and without failure there is no opportunity to learn. You will be able to take risks as long as you sign up for the responsibility of failing.

Leadership - You expect the people above you to actually lead, and trust them enough to actually follow them.

If these ten things fit your personality, and describe the place you want to work, please see the job description below. When submitting your resume please include either a comment or something in your actual resume that references the fact that you read this post.

Title: Research Systems Engineer

Basic Purpose

This role is primarily responsible for developing database applications, supporting the Vulnerability Database that is part of Sourcefire RNA, research to support current detection systems, research into new detection systems and methods, research into data mining and internal tool development.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Administration of various backend systems.
  • Support Vulnerability database building and administration
  • Conduct research into new detection mechanisms
  • Conduct research into existing detection mechanisms and improve them
  • Script like a maniac
  • Develop cool tools
    Essential Education, Skill, and Environment Education and Work Experience
  • Experience is probably your biggest asset
  • Bachelors degree (or higher) will at least show us you can achieve a long term goal
  • Ability to apply Ohms law under duress is an advantage
  • Must believe that Leibniz stole Newton's ideas for Calculus
  • The desire to gain knowledge is key
  • Experience designing user interfaces for web, scripts, cli etc. is a plus
    Required Knowledge and Skills
  • Experience with SQL databases, MySQL, PostGRES etc.
  • Experience designing SQL databse schemas
  • Experience configuring Windows and Linux/UNIX applications
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience with TCP/IP, IPv6 and IPv4 networking in general
  • Be able to script in PERL, Python, and/or Ruby
  • Ability to learn new skills and apply them in a rapidly changing, high-pressure environment
  • Can solve complex technical problems in a non-Rube Goldberg fashion
  • Desire to perform research activities, stretch some boundaries, kick down doors, take names and conquer
    Preferred Knowledge and Skills
  • Highly motivated and creative
  • Experience with Snort & other network security tools
  • Experience with network configuration and deployment
  • Experience with PCRE or equivalent regular expression library
    Work Conditions
  • Moderate to high levels of stress will occur at times
  • Fast paced and rapidly changing environment
  • Extremely talented and experienced team members and mentors
  • No special physical requirements
  • Constant internal training, drinking games, and heated discussions