If you’re an experienced malware reverse engineer, exploit developer, response specialist, intel analyst, or looking to start your career in security, Talos might be the place for you.  We have a number of positions open in Columbia, Maryland; Austin, Texas; San Jose, California; and San Francisco, California.  If you are open to relocation to one of those areas, have the right skills, and share some of our beliefs below then applying for one of our numerous positions might be for you.

For those not familiar with Talos, it is Cisco’s premier Threat Intelligence organization that supports all of Cisco’s security portfolio.  Detecting and preventing threats that target Cisco customers is our job, and given Cisco’s security footprint and breadth of product portfolio we can engage those threats from Cloud to Core.

It does however, take a special type of individual to join Talos, so give the list below a look and see if your beliefs match up with our distinctive culture.

  1. You enjoy taking things apart more than you enjoy putting them back together.

  1. You believe that if it can run code, it should run your code.

  1. You believe failure is an option, but you get a learning experience from it, and not a medal.

  1. You believe your place of work should not be just a place where you are surrounded by co-workers, but a place where you are surrounded by people you trust, respect, and may even be your friends.

  1. You believe you are good at what you do, but there is probably someone better, and you should seek them out and learn from them.

Culture is the most important thing about where you work and who you work for.  If these things make sense to you, then applying for one of these jobs might be the right thing to do.