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We see tax scams every year — people offering to do your taxes for you, finding a larger return, etc.

But this year is a little different from the COVID-19 pandemic. Like everything else in our lives that COVID’s changed, tax day is later this year — May 17 rather than the usual April 15. And that’s led to a whole new layer of scam campaigns. On this week’s episode, Jaeson Schultz joins us from the first time to talk about the email spam campaigns he’s seen in the wild, and how it differs from the usual Tax Day scams. Jaeson outlines how adversaries are tweaking their campaigns to promise you help during this trying tax year and gives some advice for avoiding these scams — an example of which is below.

Example of a COVID-themed email lure we recently saw in the wild.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jaeson also walks us through other COVID-related scams he’s seeing, including some emails offering cash “rewards” in exchange for receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and new information on COVID-19 variants.