Lilith Wyatt of Cisco Talos discovered this vulnerability.

Cisco Talos recently discovered an information disclosure vulnerability in Blynk-Library. Blynk-Library is a small library for connecting more than 400 different embedded device models into a private or enterprise Blynk-Server instance. According to the Git repository, it is the "most popular internet-of-things platform for connecting any hardware to the cloud."

In accordance with our coordinated disclosure policy, Cisco Talos worked with Blynk to ensure that these issues are resolved and that an update is available for affected customers.

Vulnerability details Blynk inc. Blynk-Library BlynkProtocol<Transp>::processInput() information disclosurevVulnerability (TALOS-2019-0854/CVE-2019-5065)

An exploitable information disclosure vulnerability exists in the packet-parsing functionality of Blynk-Library v0.6.1. A specially crafted packet can cause an unterminated strncpy, resulting in information disclosure. An attacker can send a packet to trigger this vulnerability.

Read the complete vulnerability advisory here for additional information.

Versions tested Talos tested and confirmed that version 0.6.1 of Blynk-Library is affected by this vulnerability.

Coverage The following SNORTⓇ rules will detect exploitation attempts. Note that additional rules may be released at a future date and current rules are subject to change pending additional vulnerability information. For the most current rule information, please refer to your Firepower Management Center or

Snort Rule: 50770