Many organizations are curious about the idea of threat hunting, but what does this really entail?  

What should you be hunting for? And what do you need to put in place to threat hunt properly? 

Four experienced security professionals from across Cisco recently sat down to discuss the basics of threat hunting, and how to go about “searching for the unknown.” In this video, we cover: 

  • The core principles of threat hunting. 
  • What are attackers looking for? And therefore, what should defenders be putting in place? 
  • Stories and experiences of threat hunting. 
  • How to approach failure.  

Talos Incident Response can help organizations review specific areas of your network and its systems for indicators of potential compromise. Threat hunting is hypothesis-driven and backed by the most current threat intelligence available from Talos. 

If you are interested in how Talos Incident Response can help you with your threat hunting goals, or even help you plan a compromise assessment, take a look at the various services our team can help you with.