Today, Talos is launching a new community survey to solicit feedback on SNORTⓇ documentation.

When Snort alerts the end user, the rule documentation is their first and possibly only avenue to find information on malicious traffic in their network. We know this can be better, and we want your help in determining what we can do to make Snort users more knowledgable and provide them more information.

So, we’re polling the community to find out what they need. To facilitate this, we’re sending out a five-minute survey to all users. We also plan to add feedback options to Snort documentation pages so users can communicate with us on an ongoing basis.

With the feedback we receive from the survey, our analysts can provide targeted information to communicate the most useful details on rule alerts. The more information we gather on customer frustrations, the better chance we have of finding ways to solve them to create a community and customer base with the right arsenal to overcome their security challenges.

For more information on this survey process, read the entire Snort blog post on this matter here. You can fill out the survey here.