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April 27, 2015 04:39

Threat Spotlight: TeslaCrypt - Decrypt It Yourself

This post was authored by: Andrea Allievi, Earl Carter & Emmanuel Tacheau Update 4/28: Windows files recompiled with backward compatibility in Visual Studio 2008 Update 5/8: We've made the source code available via Github here After the takedown of Cryptolocker, we hav

August 14, 2014 15:22

The Windows 8.1 Kernel Patch Protection

In the last 3 months we have seen a lot of machines compromised by Uroburos (a kernel-mode rootkit that spreads in the wild and specifically targets Windows 7 64-bit). Curiosity lead me to start analyzing the code for Kernel Patch Protection on Windows 8.1. We will take a glance

June 26, 2014 13:37

Exceptional behavior: the Windows 8.1 X64 SEH Implementation

In my last post, you may remember how the latest Uroburos rootkit was able to disarm Patchguard on Windows 7 . I was recently looking into how Patchguard is implemented in Windows 8.1 and decided to dig into Exception Handling on x64. As a matter of fact, all the new 64-bit Windo

April 22, 2014 13:37

Snake Campaign: A few words about the Uroburos Rootkit

Over the past few days, analyzing the new Uroburos (aka Turla) rootkit has been exciting. That's because the sample dropper (MD5: a86ac0ad1f8928e8d4e1b728448f54f9) includes a lot of clever features. We don’t want to rehash research already publicly available, but we will expa