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June 2, 2023 08:00

Cybersecurity for businesses of all sizes: A blueprint for protection

Developing a robust cybersecurity practice involves implementing multiple layers of security measures that are interconnected and continually monitored, including training and awareness programs to ensure that employees follow best practices.

December 2, 2022 10:45

Protecting major events: an incident response blueprint

Cisco Talos Incident Response (Talos IR) is sharing a white paper on the steps organizations should follow to secure any major event. These ten focus areas should help guide any organizing committee or participating businesses in preparation for securing such events..

March 16, 2022 09:03

Preparing for denial-of-service attacks with Talos Incident Response

Over the years, several extorsion-style and politically motivated denial-of-service attacks increased and still pose a threat to businesses and organizations of any size that can find themselves in the crosshairs of various malicious campaigns. A detailed preparation plan is nee

November 4, 2021 09:51

The features all Incident Response Plans need to have

Having a policy that defines how an organization can respond to cybersecurity incidents, and a plan on how to deal with those incidents can play a major role in resolving them with minimal cost and downtime.