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November 9, 2022 08:11

Threat Spotlight: Cyber Criminal Adoption of IPFS for Phishing, Malware Campaigns

* The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is an emerging Web3 technology that is currently seeing widespread abuse by threat actors. * Cisco Talos has observed multiple ongoing campaigns that leverage the IPFS network to host their malware payloads and phishing kit infrastructure

November 8, 2022 11:11

Emotet coming in hot

Emotet is a ubiquitous and well-known banking trojan that has evolved over the years to become a very successful modular botnet capable of dropping a variety of other threats. Even after a global takedown campaign in early 2021 disrupted the botnet, it reemerged later that year,

October 13, 2022 08:10

Alchimist: A new attack framework in Chinese for Mac, Linux and Windows

Cisco Talos discovered a new attack framework including a command and control (C2) tool called "Alchimist" and a new malware "Insekt" with remote administration capabilities.

October 12, 2022 15:10

Vulnerability Spotlight: Multiple issues in Robustel R1510 cellular router could lead to code execution, denial of service

Cisco Talos recently discovered nine vulnerabilities in the Robustel R1510 industrial cellular router, several of which could allow an adversary to inject operating system code remotely.

September 15, 2022 09:09

Gamaredon APT targets Ukrainian government agencies in new campaign

Cisco Talos discovered Gamaredon APT activity targeting users in Ukraine with malicious LNK files distributed in RAR archives.

August 3, 2022 14:08

Vulnerability Spotlight: Vulnerabilities in Alyac antivirus program could stop virus scanning, cause code execution

Jaewon Min of Cisco Talos discovered these vulnerabilities. Update (Aug. 3, 2022): Talos disclosed two new vulnerabilities in the Alyac antivirus software and added their details to this post. Cisco Talos recently discovered out-of-bounds read and buffer overflow vulnerabilitie

July 27, 2022 12:07

Vulnerability Spotlight: How a code re-use issue led to vulnerabilities across multiple products

By Francesco Benvenuto. Recently, I was performing some research on a wireless router and noticed the following piece of code: This unescape function will revert the URL encoded bytes to its original form. But something specifically caught my attention: There was no size check

June 21, 2022 07:06

Avos ransomware group expands with new attack arsenal

By Flavio Costa, * In a recent customer engagement, we observed a month-long AvosLocker campaign. * The attackers utilized several different tools, including Cobalt Strike, Sliver and multiple commercial network scanners. * The initial ingress point in this incident was a pa

June 15, 2022 15:06

Vulnerability Spotlight: Vulnerabilities in Anker Eufy Homebase could lead to code execution, authentication bypass

Lilith >_> of Cisco Talos discovered these vulnerabilities. Blog by Jon Munshaw. Cisco Talos recently discovered three vulnerabilities in the Anker Eufy Homebase 2. The Eufy Homebase 2 is the video storage and networking gateway that works with Anker’s Eufy Smarthome ecosystem.