Monday, May 7, 2018

Beers with Talos EP 28 - APT, BGP, RCEs, and an Old RAT

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EP28 Show Notes: 

Recorded April 27 - We have a special guest intro this week, since Mitch came down with a case of "can't speak above a whisper" during production of the episode. We chat about what defines an “APT” — is it the actor, the technical complexity used, or something different altogether? We also discuss the recent BGP attacks — how they work and how you can prepare for them — and the progress of GravityRAT.  Matt has specific feelings about USB-C and his new computer.

The Timeline:

The Roundtable

01:15 - Craig hates dongles and blames them for being late to meetings
02:40 - A brief apology to lizard people
03:23 - Nigel's weekly LFC roundup
05:15 - Matt’s fave red cards of all time

The Topics

08:45 - Talos Threat Defense Summit update — tickets are almost gone, link below.
12:12 - Vuln Disco — discussing the recent batch of released vulnerabilities, including four RCEs in popular software
18:24 - New Old malware! (GravityRAT) — Watching an actor evolve and learn over time
23:20 - APT — What's in a name?
33:45 - BGP attacks — How do these attacks typically work?
46:00 - Parting shots, closing thoughts

The Links:

TTRS Event info: (case-sensitive short link)
FoxIt and other recent vuln disco news:
GravityRAT post:


Featuring: Craig Williams (@Security_Craig), Joel Esler (@JoelEsler), Matt Olney (@kpyke) and Nigel Houghton (@EnglishLFC).
Hosted by Mitch Neff (@MitchNeff).

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