Thursday, August 30, 2018

Beers with Talos EP 36: There Are Few Shades in the Grey Market

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Ep. #36 show notes: 

Recorded Aug. 24, 2018 — We’re finally back in the studio after Hacker Summer Camp! Sadly, due to summer vacations and becoming bionic, we are missing Joel and Nigel, respectively. We end up discussing most of our topics through the lens of Matt’s frequent Twitter polls. We also find out he bribes followers with free sporks. Craig brings the discussion on the details of Remcos, and goes through some interesting points on the emerging grey markets in security software and "vuln disco." The crew closes this episode discussing the hypothetical merits of perfect patching versus perfect visibility.

The timeline:

The topics

01:20 - Roundtable - Today we cover Matt’s cyberwar fantasy league draft picks & Fortnite malware
13:25 - Remcos: Unpacking a botnet in a box
21:35 - What’s your plan for tomorrow? Are you a leader or will you follow?
28:40 - Grey market software and tools - what’s for real and what’s just sketch?
37:00 - Would You Rather…? Perfect visibility vs. Perfect patching

The links

Matt’s Cyberwar fantasy league poll:
The benevolent spork god of Twitter:
Remcos post on Talos blog:
Remcos decryptor:
Michael Potto tweet:
Matt’s Twitter poll pt. 2, patching vs. viz:
Source of Craig’s quote in print?: nah. 


Featuring: Craig Williams (@Security_Craig), Joel Esler (@JoelEsler), Matt Olney (@kpyke) and Nigel Houghton (@EnglishLFC).  Special Guest: Bill Largent (@security_will).
Hosted by Mitch Neff (@MitchNeff).

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