Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Beers with Talos Ep. #48: Loaders or trojans, plus an RSA preview

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March 1, 2019 - This is a super short episode. We are trying to get it out in time for RSA and Matt is MIA today. We are covering the basics of loaders (and the difference between loaders and trojans). We also talk about some RSA activities we have coming up this week at the conference out in San Francisco.

The timeline:

  • 01:15 — Roundtable: Craig dodges an opportunity for a cannonball run.
  • 15:00 — Bushaloader: Seeing a huge uptick in Brushaloader activity, let’s talk loaders vs. trojans
  • 22:35 — Here’s what’s on tap for RSA and Talos

The links

Featuring: Craig Williams (@Security_Craig), Joel Esler (@JoelEsler), Matt Olney (@kpyke) and Nigel Houghton (@EnglishLFC).

Hosted by Mitch Neff (@MitchNeff).

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