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EP19 Show Notes:

Quotes intended, we think you know why. Mitch takes control to present the best of the first (partial) year of the podcast. He covers some of our guests, some of our favorite non-security bits, and a look back at our in-the-moment view of some of the top stories of the year.

Things you can look forward to: A few of our favorite bits from 2017, Mitch struggling through sailing solo with unnecessary ukulele music, and some of our questionable moments...but the clips are really good!


The Guests 02:06 - Bill Largent
04:30 - Sean Baird’s Fake News and Fake Joel/Fake Matt
08:35 - We finally get to Sean
15:30 - Dr. Adam J. O’Donnell, PhD. and Mitch is mortified

Fave Bits 20:55 - The Birth of Craig v. Robots
22:30 - 1994, The Year the Music Died

The Big Stories  31:10 - WannaCry - a look back at the first response
37:40 - Importance of Conveying Doubt
40:09 - Nyetya - Great breakdown and a look at supply chain attacks
49:24 - CCleaner - Supply chain security

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