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By Mitch Neff.

Recorded March 2021

ICS and SCADA systems are deeply embedded all around us in critical infrastructure. Today, we talk about some of the inherent issues in infrastructure security and take a wide-ranging look at the ICS- and SCADA-specific issues found there. Joe Marshall from the Talos Outreach group joins to share his insights on the space and how donuts are the ultimate career track switching tool. Oh — and Matt's cat discovers jerky...

The timeline:

  • 00:50 — Roundtable: Crypto pump-and-dump, kitties yeeting iced tea.
  • 04:30 — Macro risks and threats to SCADA and ICS systems.
  • 07:00 — Involuntary black starts and load shed, special considerations.
  • 13:10 — Standards and technologies in play in industrial IT/OT.
  • 17:50 — The permanence problem of stable infrastructure.
  • 29:00 — Modern solutions for less modern problems.
  • 37:50 — Closing thoughts and parting shots.


Featuring: Craig Williams (@Security_Craig), Joel Esler (@JoelEsler) and Matt Olney (@kpyke)
Hosted by Mitch Neff (@MitchNeff)Special Guest Joe Marshall (@ImmortanJo3)

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