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Recorded Dec. 9, 2021.

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We joked when recording this episode that it wouldn't come out until Groundhog Day, so technically we're a few weeks early! Unfortunately, it comes with a shred of bad news — Joel is leaving us. We're now only down to two OG Beers with Talos hosts, but we still have exciting times ahead with Mitch, Matt, Liz and future guests.

Don't expect any real cybersecurity discussion in this one. We gotta be honest, it went pretty off the rails.

The timeline:

  • 02:04 — Roundtable: Getting into the catnip hustle
  • 12:02 — Joel's parting theater rant
  • 28:45 — Discussing burnout in the security community
  • 41:55 — Closing shots, parting thoughts: The rules of a good roadtrip

Mental Health & Burnout in Cybersecurity: Tips, Stories and Insights

Featuring: Joel Esler (@JoelEsler), Liz Waddell (@vlsin) and Matt Olney (@kpyke).
Hosted by Mitch Neff (@MitchNeff).

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