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EP18 Show Notes:

It’s the last full episode of the year! Thanks to you and the diligent work of Matt’s loving mother, the first 17 EPs of Beers with Talos were downloaded over 200,000 times in 2017! To show our gratitude, we are giving you not one, but TWO roundtables this week and even a special bonus rant! Also, Mitch can’t say words good, and Craig reads us stories from the blog!

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00:53 - Roundtable 1, mostly about Craig trying to burn yet another house down
17:40 - Christmas Present for Craig - special bonus rant
24:27 - PyREBox wins Volatility Plugin Contest
27:08 - Bonus Roundtable - Favorite Security stories of 2017
39:23 - Obfuscation in networks and samples OR Gear is more than cost and speed
50:55 - Back to Basics - Starting with Security 57:05 - OMG!! CRYPTOKITTIES!!! (Okay, we discuss/roast blockchain a bit, too)
1:08:40 - Closing shots and parting thoughts

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We have our winners for this week - Congrats Andre, Hunter, and Matt! Wear your tees and hoist your pints with pride, lads!