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Ep. #46 show notes:  Recorded Feb. 1, 2019

Today we discuss threats that bridge the gap between violating privacy and classic cybersecurity threats - malware and systems that are tracking voices of dissent and using their own devices as recon tools against them. The two cases cited in this EP are ExileRAT, a trojan delivered via malicious Office docs targeting supporters of the Tibetan government-in-exile; and Karma, a zero-touch toolkit used by at least one nation-state to remotely surveil essentially all the valuable data in their targets iPhones. We are going to continue this topic on the next episode as we continue to dig deeper into the idea of privacy as a fundamental human right with a very special guest (hint: it’s Michelle Dennedy) so make sure to catch the next EP as well.

The timeline:

The topics 01:15 - Roundtable - Craig holds his team hostage, #bwt hashtag jacked, brief history of the Crazy Gang
15:00 - ExileRAT - an attack related to Lucky Cat targeting Tibet
27:04 - Crossing the line - the story of the Karma operators

The links History of Wimbledon AFC
M.K. Dons (the old AFC Wimbledon)
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