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Recorded 8/2/19 - Yes, I know what today’s date is. We got really busy last week and I am sorry that the podcast is late. Really, I wish I wasn’t writing these notes at 12:#0r4-j3pofw…. What? Anyway, we talk about malvertising and dig into that ecosystem a bit looking at some of the competing priorities (hint: none of them are your privacy). We also discuss BlueKeep making its debut in Canvas and surely soon to follow in other fine pen testing platforms. We use that opportunity to review a little bit of RDP knowledge and defense. We’re recording again tomorrow and I really don’t want to hear what my co-hosts will say if this isn’t out by then, so I’m going to go hit publish now.

The timeline:

  • 01:18 - Roundtable - No one cares about security, end of the dark times is neigh, Cockney Joel
  • 11:50 - Malvertising - how it works and how to stop it (hint: block all the ads)
  • 31:30 - BlueKeep in Canvas - a review in RDP vulnerability
  • 45:00 - Parting shots and closing thoughts


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