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Recorded Aug. 30, 2019: In this extra-sized episode, we cover a lot, starting with Retadup, and discussing the intricate workings of why it’s a bad idea to execute code on other computers without permission when you have no idea what that computer is doing. WannaCry is making some headlines again, but this time it isn’t WannaCry and, frankly, it’s not news. From the mobile ecosystem operating system battleground, Google’s Project Zero announced several vulnerabilities in iOS that have been discovered being exploited in the wild, with some of the exploit chains leveraging zero-days. The most important development of the week is that journalists are now quoting Matt's Twitter timeline and this will certainly end well.

The timeline:

  • 01:30 — Roundtable: Telecasters, Joel requests drunk calls, what your Twix choices say about you.
  • 15:15 — Retadup takedown: Let’s chat about running code on other people’s computers (hint: it’s a bad idea).
  • 29:25 — WannaCry (but not really) is still a threat to things it’s already been hitting since forever. Surprise.
  • 42:50 — Project Zero uncovers several exploit chains containing Apple/iPhone zero-day.
  • 55:55 — Closing thoughts and parting shots.


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