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Recorded Sept. 27, 2019

We are missing Matt and Joel this time, so Mitch, Craig and Nigel are taking you through this episode. We cover some recent posts from Talos with Divergent and Tortoiseshell. Turns out, people get a bit excited when you target U.S. veterans with malware — even other malware authors thinks that’s scummy. That takes us into a chat about social engineering in general, and we end up talking about some interesting stuff with unpatchable vulnerabilities and why deleting /var on install could be described as "a bad idea" for a Google Chrome update.

The timeline:

  • 01:00 — Roundtable: Hammering off your thumb...guess who did that one?
  • 09:30 — Divergent LO(BYOL)Bins: Bringing NodeJS with you does not a LOLbin make
  • 19:45 — Tortoiseshell: Social engineering vets looking for jobs makes you a special kind of scumbag
  • 34:00 — Social engineering and Newton’s third law
  • 38:30 — Selecting VPN providers that don’t make you the product
  • 45:00 — Unpatchable BootROM zero-day in iPhones, and let's delete /var!
  • 52:30 — Closing shots and parting thoughts


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