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Recorded March 2, 2020

We open up the show with a sugary sweet poem before talking about RSA and our annual trip through the startup hall. Matt expertly segues the crew into talking about the impact the security industry can have on public-interest technologies and civil society - both in the industry sense as well as in the interpersonal sense. Finally, we take a look at opposing mindsets and approaches, discussing how partnering with an adversarial approach is not near the oxymoron it seems.

The timeline:

  • 01:00 — Roundtable: A touching love poem
  • 09:00 — RSA recap: The Human Element, indeed.
  • 17:00 — Effecting positive change in public technologies
  • 33:00 — How individual defensive operators can create a positive impact
  • 35:15 — Parting shots and closing thoughts

Bruce Schneier Public Technology blog post

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