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Recorded March 27, 2020

Our goal is always to talk to you about what's on our minds. Right now, we are pretty sure we all have the same thing on our minds. In addition to our regular show material, we want to talk through some of the things that we are dealing with professionally and personally in the hopes that it applies and is useful to you. To that end, we asked Sammi Seaman (our Education coordinator and resident mega-extrovert) to stop by and chat with us about the challenges of working from home and shifting the way we work. We aren’t breaking any massive news and threats this week, rather we are talking about what the industry is thinking about. As a heads up, we are increasing episodes from biweekly to weekly, and rotating in different topics while we’re all stuck at home. Hopefully, this is helpful for you and us both. Drop us a tweet and let us know what is on your mind. Be safe, and wash your hands, you filthy animals.

The timeline:

  • 00:50 — Roundtable: It’s like seven Craigs discussing panic purchases, pens, and British TV.
  • 08:00 — Essential and critical: Redefining what is essential and what is now normal.
  • 14:15 — The impact of shifting work home and the impact on extroverts.
  • 24:00 — Running your own career, plus a day school and coworking space.
  • 35:30 — Closing shots, parting thoughts.

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