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Recorded April 3, 2020

We’re kinda bored. We figured you are too. So we decided to get together between normal recordings to help save you from the bottom of the Netflix barrel. It gets weird down there. These Quittin’ Time episodes are just the crew hanging out for a bit without a security topic agenda. None of that. Honestly, if you’re not a fan of the banter in the Roundtable and Closing Thoughts segments, this probably isn’t your cup of tea. Anyway, we have fun getting together and feeling more normal for a bit, we hope you have fun listening to the heavily edited version of that. Send us your questions for the next time we do a podcast like this — @TalosSecurity #BWT.

The timeline:

  • 00:50 — Roundtable: Like, the whole thing. I’ll just see if can’t call out some funny parts below
  • 01:30 — Meet Duncan. There is no real point, that’s the point
  • 11:10 — The questions from Twitter come in
  • 13:50 — "Tiger King:" It was inevitable
  • 17:00 — The Twitter questions continue
  • 18:00 — ...but yet somehow we are now transitioning from "He-Man" to "Thundercats?"
  • 20:05 — The cookie saga
  • 24:50 — Tales from the in-between (what we’re up to at home)
  • 43:30 — Extra biscuits, pig farms, and airboat rides redux

Yeah, nah.

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