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Recorded April 24, 2020
 Matt isn’t with us today, but the rest of the crew discusses some current security issues in our new work-from-home environment, including some better-than-just-the-basics advice on how to protect yourself and your organization’s data. We go a bit more in-depth on VPN and explain how VPNs work, how they protect you, and more importantly, how they DON’T protect you. The key takeaway of this podcast, however, is that we need to start a campaign to formally recognize the legitimacy of Social Mulligans (this counts as a trademark, right?).

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The timeline:

  • 01:00 — Roundtable: Social Mulligans, Nigel’s cables, and Matt’s secret Beastie Boy fandom
  • 06:30 — New challenges meet the return of some old (malware) friends
  • 17:30 — Tips and tricks for staying secure working from home
  • 23:00 —VPN: Info and use cases from basics to split-tunneling
  • 36:10 — Closing thoughts, parting shots

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