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By Mitch Neff.

Recorded July 31, 2020

This week in BWT land, we’re discussing hacktivism — from the unintended consequences to the tropes perpetuated by Hollywood. Regardless of the reason or cause, hacktivism often wields DDoS and web defacement as easily deployed tools. We discuss some instances where using code as a weapon without deeper understanding can have disastrous consequences. The crew also digs deeper into the ethical considerations of hacktivism, pseudo-anonymity and the intended effect of civil disobedience on society.

The timeline:

  • 00:45 — Roundtable: Remembering civil rights hero John Lewis
  • 06:30 — The misalignment of intent, understanding, and outcomes
  • 10:40 — How DDoS works for the uninitiated
  • 19:15 — Considering the ethics of hacktivism
  • 23:00 — The dynamics of pseudo-anonymity in civil disobedience
  • 27:15 — Understanding the personal cost of internet aggression
  • 32:00 — Closing thoughts, parting shots

Hosted by Mitch Neff (@MitchNeff).

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