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Beers with Talos is a fast-paced, smart, and humorous podcast focused on security research topics. Staying abreast of security topics is difficult in this rapidly evolving threat landscape. Beers with Talos serves important security stories in a way that is understandable, engaging, and fun to researchers, executives, and security n00bs alike.

EP12 Show Notes:  Matt runs the ship this week in Mitch’s absence. Craig and Nigel are joined by Bill Largent and Joel was… in a meeting? The crew discusses ambulance chasing and crying wolf in the security industry and also what the security press is doing to perpetuate questionable reporting. We also chat at length about what exactly goes into vulnerability discovery, chaining exploits, and the months of work to get to those “12 seconds” of glory at Pwn2Own.

Did we mention the internet ate our last podcast? Sorry about that. We do our best to make up for missing a week this time. But man, that was a great episode you missed…

EP12 Timetable: 01:05 - Introducing Bill Largent
02:02 - Olney’s roundtable - I don’t care what you want to talk about
07:08 - What you should know BEFORE going out with Talos
10:14 - Craig’s Roundtable
17:12 - What’s with the ambulance chasing in Security?
24:14 - Causing harm by not doing good - problems with Security media
37:50 - What is involved in vuln discovery and exploitation?
50:29 - Closing thoughts
Special guest: Bill Largent (@security_will)
Featuring: Craig Williams (@Security_Craig), Joel Esler (@JoelEsler), Matt Olney (@kpyke) and Nigel Houghton (@EnglishLFC).
Hosted by Mitch Neff (@MitchNeff)

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