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EP20 Show Notes:

This is easily our best podcast of 2018 (so far). The crew discusses the recent spike in crypto-mania sweeping the globe and also goes in-depth on how vulnerability discovery plays a critical role in overall security. Plus, the crew all (shockingly) have different takes on Spectre/Meltdown and Craig decides to up the ante with the killer robots.


The Roundtable 01:20 - Matt - Discussing Cats - a BOGO on denigrating cultural icons
04:59 - Nigel - The Reds will be victorious and glorious, of course
07:11 - Craig - Probably not the firefighter/arsonist of the security world. Probably.
09:23 - Joel - Arctic bombs and picking a bone with Mother Nature
12:04 - MItch - Tales of the short lives of expensive presents

The Topics 15:10 - CRYPTO MANIA!!! HMB while I take out a second mortgage, also Ethereum CLIENT vulns
24:10 - Vuln disco - why it matters, discussion around recent Blender vulns
39:30 - Meltdown and Spectre - Breaking down the actual threat, risk/exposure, and mitigation
54:28 - Parting shots