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Episode Notes: The team discusses how to get into threat intel and join a team like Talos. There are many routes to enter the Talos, but no exits. Seriously, they won’t let me leave. Passwords, vaults, and other access controls are discussed more in-depth as well.
Mitch opens the show discussing poor life choices like drinking with folks from Norn Iron, Nigel divulges details of his life-long obsession with men in shorts, Matt forces his team to endure war games in suburban Baltimore, Joel threatens to have a mental breakdown over buzzwords, and Craig turns his roundtable segment into a full topic...shocking, I know.

Feedback question:  What SHOULD Nigel be tweeting?
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Topic Table: 12:50 - How do you get into Security research
16:14 - Being more than wizards in hoodies
22:30 - Who effing tweeted that?
33:11 - Internet of Broken Things
37:33 - Better Passwords, Managers, and TFA - tips, tricks, and tirades
55:33 - Parting shots and pithy quotables



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