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May 15, 2023 08:00

Newly identified RA Group compromises companies in U.S. and South Korea with leaked Babuk source code

Cisco Talos recently discovered a new ransomware actor called RA Group that has been operating since at least April 22, 2023.

May 11, 2022 08:00

Bitter APT adds Bangladesh to their targets

* Cisco Talos has observed an ongoing malicious campaign since August 2021 from the Bitter APT group that appears to target users in Bangladesh, a change from the attackers' usual victims. * As part of this, there's a new trojan based on Apost Talos is calling "Zxx

January 12, 2022 08:02

Nanocore, Netwire and AsyncRAT spreading campaign uses public cloud infrastructure

* Cisco Talos discovered a malicious campaign in October 2021 delivering variants of Nanocore, Netwire and AsyncRATs targeting user's information. * According to Cisco Secure product telemetry, the victims of this campaign are primarily distributed across the United States,

November 16, 2021 07:00

Attackers use domain fronting technique to target Myanmar with Cobalt Strike

By Chetan Raghuprasad, Vanja Svajcer and Asheer Malhotra. News Summary * Cisco Talos discovered a new malicious campaign using a leaked version of Cobalt Strike in September 2021. * This shows that Cobalt Strike, although it was originally created as a legitimate tool, cont

November 3, 2021 08:00

Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities exploited once again for ransomware, this time with Babuk

By Chetan Raghuprasad and Vanja Svajcer, with contributions from Caitlin Huey. * Cisco Talos recently discovered a malicious campaign deploying variants of the Babuk ransomware predominantly affecting users in the U.S. with smaller number of infections in U.K., Germany, Ukraine

August 17, 2021 08:01

Neurevt trojan takes aim at Mexican users

By Chetan Raghuprasad, with contributions from Vanja Svajcer. News summary * Cisco Talos discovered a new version of the Neurevt trojan with spyware and backdoor capabilities in June 2021 using Cisco Secure Endpoint product telemetry. * This version of Neurevt appears to tar